Episode 10!

Music: Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi


Our final diner review! And again it’s not really a diner, but you simply cannot stop in Montreal without visiting Schwartz’s.

the diner dash day 12 _ 6

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The Diner Dash is drawing to a close, and for our penultimate diner review we stopped by La Belle Province for some steamies and poutine.

the diner dash day 12 _ 5

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Episode 9!

With special thanks to David, Maki, Jolan and Aiko for the warm welcome to Sherbrooke.

Music: Sombrer dans la folie by destroyalldreamers

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Hi everyone! Finally some of the video from Christmas is ready, this is our special cooking episode starring my mother Micheline and Geoff’s mother Pat. Micheline (Mimi) gives us her recipe for tourtiere, and we get to watch Pat as she makes her very delicious stuffing.

You’ll notice that this video isn’t as slick as normal, that’s because I edited this myself in iMovie and don’t really know what I’m doing. So no soundtrack to this, we’ll have a proper video from Geoff up very soon.

This is not our normal diner review here, but the food was so good that I had to post about it!

Last night we arrived in Sherbrooke Quebec to visit Geoff’s good friend David and his family. Upon arrival Maki (David’s wife) let us know that she had seen my complaining about needing vegetables and had prepared a vegetable heavy meal for us.

the diner dash day 11 _ 10
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We’re sick of diner food, and since we’re not Morgan Spurlock we left the strict diner path and made our way into Quebec City to find a meal that wasn’t drowning in grease.

Geoff half remembered a very good cafe he had eaten at once in Quebec a year ago, unfortunately after much wandering through the icy streets we were unable to find it. Running out of time we opted for the nearest cafe.
the diner dash day 11 _ 6
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Episode 8 is up!

We’re back! Here’s our first post-Christmas diner review for you to enjoy.

On Boxing Day, December 26th, Geoff and I went with Pat (Geoff’s mother), Claire (his sister) and Leo (his nephew) to Steve’s 50’s Diner Restaurant in Riverview New Brunswick, which is just outside of Moncton.

the diner dash day 10_ 1
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Although we intended to post right through Christmas day it proved to be more difficult than anticipated to find time to process photos, edit video, and write blog posts. I guess that’s probably not a surprise for anyone else, but I think we thought we had 35 hour days to play with or something.

In lieu of our regular diner related programming I’m going to post something about the meal we had for Christmas eve.
the diner dash day 8 and 9_ 3
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